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About us

One of the best compliments, for our church, came from a man who had worshiped with us for several months. He came to us with what he thought would make a great slogan for our church.

He said Pleasant Ridge is a church of     "Loving People - Who Love People"

We try hard to exemplify a people who truly love the Lord and love one another. We are far from perfect, but we know a perfect GOD, who is real and personal. He has forgiven our sins, past, present, and future. Though He knows us better then we know ourselves, He loves us still! And He allows us the privilege of serving with Him in His kingdom work. For that, and more, we gladly offer Him praise.

We have:

  No coffee house, but a friendly gathering place with plenty of good eats and coffee!

  No gymnasium, but plenty of room for you to exercise your faith!

  No multi-million dollar facility, but a house of worshipers seeking God's will and purpose.

  No dress code, just a come-as-you-are atmosphere encouraging personal and corporate worship.

We would love for those of you looking for God, or for a friendly church, to come and visit with us. We promise to do our best to make you feel welcome and at home.

Because He lives...


We are in the process of searching for our next Pastor. Until God brings him to us, please utilize our Interim Pastor and our Deacons for any issues or concerns.

 Pastor Charley Johnson ------ 618-978-9382 

Dan Penrod ------ 618-954-8438 

Jesse Moad ------ 618-977-4600 

Glen Boushard--- 618-363-3409 

Paul Caminiti ---- 618-558-3189 

Ed Noe ----------- 314-552-1327 

Josh Sweitzer Worship Leader
Susan Hendrix
Church Secretary
Dan Penrod
Deacon Chairman


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